Full Line-Up Oxjam Peterborough 2017!

Friday October 20th @ The Brewery Tap, from 7pm

Nick Corney and the Buzz Rats

The Motor City Vipers

The Video Geeks


Saturday October 21st @ Main Stage, Cathedral Grounds, from 12pm


Kerry Devine

Dan Poole

Chloe Lorentzen and Gianni Salonna

The Wolf Pack

Laurette & Chris

Adam Trendell

Artis Plocinš

Slightly Dutch

Golden Bantic

The Wise Naïve

April Blue

The Librarians


Saturday 21st @ Town Hall Stage, from 2pm

Wansford Ukulele Orchestra

City of Peterborough Youth Ensemble


Peterborough Opera

Hereward Harmony


Sunday 22nd @ The Met Lounge, from 7pm

The Fyzz Wallis Band

Emily Butterwick


It Comes in Waves

Artis and Mellisa

Beth Munroe

The Lartey Sisters

False Hearts


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